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Saddam Snuff Videos the Darkest US Propaganda Game of All
Date: Thursday, January 04 2007

From MWC News:

In 2006, over 200 years after large western nations began to abolish hanging as barbarism, the leaders of the West now make a hanging snuff video, as they kill one of the most well-known people in the world.

This was not an accident, that there was video - just like it was no accident that the BBC spent great sums supplying the world with bandwidth to play this snuff video. . . .

There are profound and permanent repercussions from the Saddam Hussein snuff videos now being shown around the world. America's rulers have done something immensely diabolical. . . .

Western governments learned some time ago that public executions have powerful negative consequences, encouraging sadistic perversion among the populace. And it had long been taboo to film any execution in many countries where they were taking place - though the reasons need some complexity to state. But the key is in a remark of Nazi SS leader Heinrich Himmler, I don't recall the exact quote, to the effect that the Nazis achieved their historic uniqueness via tormenting and killing people before their eyes, and accepting that as normal.

In a nutshell, the core of the real Conradesque horror here - the real purpose of the Saddam Hussein snuff videos - is to roll back the Enlightenment in one stroke, to inure all of us to torment and death and brutality, to tell us that we are still living in the days of the rope, and of painful death by government order. . . . the Saddam Hussein snuff films have laid the psychological groundwork for coming wars, for more torture and terror, for a coming dark age, for a 21st century that may bring even more horror than the 20th.

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