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Canadian colonel in Somalia affair gets prestigious military role
Date: Tuesday, March 13 2007

Last Updated: Thursday, March 8, 2007 | 12:37 AM ET
CBC News

A Canadian colonel who was implicated in the 1993 Somalia scandal has been asked to lead one of the military's most prestigious missions in Afghanistan, CBC News has learned.

Col. Serge Labbe will take over command of Canada's Strategic Advisory Team in Kabul. The unit of 15 officers works closely with the government of Afghanistan to help with national planning.

Labbe will take over his new role later this year.

Col. Mike Capstick, a former leader of the team, said Labbe will be well suited to the role.

"He's very, very bright, very experienced," Capstick told CBC News. "He has a very good understanding of the strategic level in Afghanistan."

Labbe's career has been marked by his ties to the Somalia affair.

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