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Canada is not even definable any longer.
Date: Sunday, January 15 2006

Canadians and politics II
By John Lawrence
Saturday, January 14, 2006

"...Canada is not even definable any longer. It is everyone and everything. There is no belief structure or a myriad of them, which is just as useless. Because of the decisions that have been made in the past, we have gotten to a point where, for some reason, talking about immigration and curtailing it or even changing it, somehow makes that politician a racist or a bigot. If one would read some of the online journals by everyday Canadians, one would see a starkly different picture. Canadians do not want to lock the door, but they want some safeguards put in place, and they want the quality of person that we see coming into this country to be a stronger consideration than it presently is. Can you imagine what would be made of a current election candidate if he or she suggested that?

Our elected officials can no longer deal with issues that need to be addressed such as the ongoing gun problem which is being exacerbated by a certain segment of the population, many of whom are arriving from one particular country. No one is suggesting that every one from any country is bad, but when there are signs of an obvious problem, we should address it. There is also a religious war underway, one that pits Islamic militants against everyone else. To thoroughly screen the immigrants and visitors arriving to our shores who could be involved in this battle is said to be intolerant and racist. I say it is just foolishness to ignore the obvious. I find that the only people who cry out against safeguards are the ones who have something to hide or who have a political motive..."


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