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Goodbye Big Oil
Date: Monday, May 15 2006

We won't be needing you much longer.

Two separate breakthroughs in solar and hydrogen power have the potential to wean us all off the teat of energy companies.

A South African company has developed an ultra-thin solar panel material that is much cheaper and more efficient than silicon and is gearing up with partners around the world to supply them in mass quantities.
By Willem Steenkamp

In a scientific breakthrough that has stunned the world, a team of South African scientists has developed a revolutionary new, highly efficient solar power technology that will enable homes to obtain all their electricity from the sun.

This means high electricity bills and frequent power failures could soon be a thing of the past.

The unique South African-developed solar panels will make it possible for houses to become completely self-sufficient for energy supplies.

The panels are able to generate enough energy to run stoves, geysers, lights, TVs, fridges, computers - in short all the mod-cons of the modern house.

An american that was experimenting with hydrogen-powered torches in an attempt to replace dangerous acetelyne gas has developed a system that promises to let us fill up our cars with plain old water (no, not a hoax). Not only that, the energy produced is over twice that of an equal volume of gasoline. The inventor is in negotiations with a major US auto manufacturer (not named) and also with the US government who wants to produce Hummers that run on both water and gasoline.

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