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Stake a B.C. mining claim on-line!
Date: Monday, November 20 2006

Reporter stakes his claim

By Brennan Clarke
Victoria News
Nov 15 2006

New government rules make staking mining claims to regional landmarks as easy as 1-2-3

I'm going into the mining business.

Yessir, I figure mining has to pay better than journalism, so I bought me some subsurface mineral rights using the B.C. government's handy-dandy new online staking system.

Now I know most of the really valuable minerals are up north and in the Interior, but I prefer living in Victoria, so I thought I'd start by staking a few claims right here in town.

Since the rules prohibit mining activity within 200 feet of any buildings, I had to choose tracts of land large enough to ensure that the property owners' interests won't be unlawfully infringed upon when I bring in the heavy equipment.

Saanich Fairgrounds seemed like a logical choice, so I secured a chunk of that. As a matter of convenience I also grabbed the rights to part of Stelly's school, roughly in the area that now serves as the school's playing fields.

I'm a big fan of heritage properties, so I added 100 acres of Royal Roads University to the secured interests of my fledgling company. To round out my portfolio, I bought the rights to some Crown land bordering Goldstream Provincial Park.

All of this was made possible by Mineral Titles Online, the B.C. Liberal government's award-winning electronic system that allows prospective prospectors to purchase mining rights without ever having to leave the comfort of their own home.

What's more, it only cost me a grand total of $75.


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