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Deep Integration still undebated in Parliament
Date: Wednesday, September 14 2005

Deep Integration still undebated in Parliament
From: Paul Grignon

Those of us who seriously question the "official 9/11 story" ... see how the World Trade Centre project was not only used to justify two illegal wars in the axis-of-oil region of the Middle East, but the US Administration is now using this "terrorism" story to garner the support of the Canadian and Mexican governments for their plan of "Deep Integration."

Deep integration is still moving ahead with no parliamentary debate and very little news coverage.

The "annexation initiative" includes as a major piece, the whole security issue - feeding into America's culture of fear and the militarism which takes advantage of it. We need to alert people to the plan so that we achieve a kind of critical mass of citizens who know about it and are opposed to it. Without that, of course, they won't - can't - act to prevent it.

The key information re: the announced agreement and news coverage - from The Globe and Mail article:

* Canada will be participating in a new, wide-ranging North American security plan that Ottawa hopes will improve the response to internal and external threats while helping the flow of goods across the three countries, Deputy Prime Minister Anne McLellan announced Monday.

The comprehensive strategy was developed following the formation of the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America at a meeting of U.S. President George W. Bush, Prime Minister Paul Martin and Mexican President Vicente Fox in March.

* There are over 300 specific recommendations

* The three governments have agreed to prepare a co-ordinated response to large-scale incidents,

* Some specific initiatives include testing biometric technology in screening travellers, developing benchmarks on visa issues and developing a co-ordinated strategy on threats to our food supply and agricultural sectors

There are several points to be made:
* The whole process is totally undemocratic and requires a thorough and extensive national debate - in parliament, perhaps a royal commission, at the very least public hearings. We are changing Canada fundamentally with literally no input from Canadians.

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