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D-Day Invasion-Canada's Role
Date: Sunday, June 06 2004

Why do I think this story is important to vive? If not for these brave people, who fought for democracy,( many giving up their young lives) we would not be having any discussions here today!

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Sunday, Jun 06, 2004

Canada role in the D-Day invasion, by land, sea and air; eye witness reports

(CP) - On a chilly, grey morning 60 years ago, a few boatloads of scared, cold, often seasick young Canadians charged ashore on a windswept French beach and helped make history.

They rode to shore crammed into bucking landing craft, most unable to see anything more than the back of their buddy in front. They could smell the stench of gunpowder and hear a cacophony of artillery and small arms fire crashing back and forth overhead.

They were part of the D-Day invasion, the greatest seaborne assault in history. Operation Overlord, the Allied invasion of the continent that had been overrun by Nazi Germany, was an enormous undertaking and an even more enormous risk.

The fate of today's world hung on the courage, strength and faith of those men bobbing in the choppy English Channel. It hung, too, on the other men who watched from the shelter of pillboxes, trenches and gun emplacements as the landing craft came in from the grey horizon.

D Day

D Day

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