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Top Ten Reasons to get Out of Afghanistan
Date: Wednesday, November 01 2006

I've just posted on the internet the October issue of The Peace and War News,
on the theme: Support our Troops: Bring them Home Now.
Top Ten Reasons Why Canada must get Out of Afghanistan ASAP.

The reasons why this is the wrong mission for Canada are well-known to most of us: oil pipelines, Karzai's warlord parliament, the booming drug trade, civilians killed, NATO leaving us holding the bag ... What I've done here is summarize them in one place, with links for future reference.

The most under-reported reason I discovered is the massive HUNGER situation among the Afghan people. Between fleeing the fighting, having their crops eradicated, and being ignored by a West preoccupied with security, they are being left with dangerously low supplies of food and water. The presence of foreign troops is hurting, not helping. Aid agencies cannot do their job when they are seen as linked to the hated foreign military.
Hearts and minds are rapidly being lost.

A new course of action is needed, and Canada should be leading.

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