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American Fib Factory
Date: Tuesday, June 08 2004

Eric Margolis has been very consistent with his reporting on the U.S. invasions of the Middle East. He seems to really understand the area and the motives behind the U.S. policies. With the U.S. building 14 military bases and the largest U.S. Embassy in the world in Iraq one doesn't have to think too hard to understand why the Iraqi infrastructure is still not up and running and why more and more money is being asked for.


Sun, June 6, 2004

American fib factory

By Eric Margolis -- Contributing Foreign Editor

THE WHITE House's Iraq fib factory went into overdrive last week, ballyhooing claims that the new "caretaker government" the UN had supposedly just installed in Baghdad was "fully sovereign" and "totally independent."

We would like to believe American president George Bush. But this latest claim comes from the same truth-deficient people who concocted Iraq's imminent threat to destroy the U.S. with nuclear and germ weapons, Saddam Hussein's vans and drones of death, Saddam's tryst with Osama bin Laden, and a slew of other preposterous whoppers that would have made the Nazis' propagandist, Dr. Joseph Goebbels, blush deep crimson.

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