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Canada Challenges Latest Duty Rates on Softwood
Date: Friday, January 13 2006

VANCOUVER (CP) - The federal government announced Wednesday it is asking for a review of the latest U.S. softwood lumber duty rates under the North American Free Trade Agreement.

The Department of International Trade said it opted to challenge the anti-dumping and countervailing duty rates set last month by the U.S. Commerce Department after consulting with the Canadian lumber industry.

As a result of an administrative review, Commerce announced Dec. 6 that Canadian lumber imports would be subject to a countervailing duty of 8.7 per cent, down from the previous 16.37 per cent, and an anti-dumping rate of 2.11 per cent, a reduction from 3.78 per cent.

When duties were first confirmed in May 2002, Canadian lumber exporters paid about 27 per cent in combined duties. Successive reviews have cut the rate but Canada has insisted there's no reason to impose any duty at all.

"We are rallying with the provinces and our industry from coast to coast to stand strong for Canadians," Trade Minister Jim Peterson said in a statement.

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