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U.S. Bush administration allies want Canada, along with francophone Quebec, &quo
Date: Saturday, March 10 2007

U.S. Bush administration allies want Canada along with francophone Quebec "erased" by 2010
Canada's mass-media elites ignores U.S. neo-conservative expansionist goals
Compiled by Yves Lafontaine

The Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) advises the U.S. Bush administration is calling for the "erasure" of Canada by 2010. Quebec as it exists today, in relation to its civil code, and other francophone cultural protections, is also to be "transformed" by 2010 under Anglo-American control. The Stephen Harper government reportedly further confirmed the terms of this "erasure" in Cancun, Mexico, under secondary provisions of the "Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America" (SPP). It is notable that neither "separatists" nor "federalists" in the current Quebec provincial elections have sought to debate the imminent destruction of the Quebec social and cultural fabric under an Anglo-American agenda.

Traitors Among Us is a book for further reading on this subject.

Dr. Robert A. Pastor, a Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) task force Vice-Chair, is looking forward to the conquest of Canadian resources from oil to drinking water, and hydro power in Quebec, by U.S. Big Business interests linked to the U.S. Bush administration. Indeed, "All the while 'We the People' were largely 'left out of the loop' until CNN's Lou Dobbs exposed the CFR's plans," says Dr. Daneen G. Peterson. The goal of the sought "erasure" of Canada was formally announced by Mr. Pastor, who is the apparent chairperson of U.S. neo-conservatives efforts on North American Union (NAU). Indeed, Dr.. Pastor was actually recorded on video before U.S. Congressional related group, to be pursuing the "erasure" of Canada by 2010. Mr. Pastor envisions that with the "erasure" of Canada, along with the corresponding destruction of the U.S. and Mexico, a new "North America" will emerge, under the control of the "wise men" like himself, of a political-military-industrial complex.

Dr. Peterson further suggests, "Go to and see for yourself. Be sure to put on your propaganda filter before entering the website. Pay attention to how cleverly they clothe their treasonous acts with self-effacing, feel good words like "prosperity".' Be sure and ask yourself... 'prosperity' for WHOM? Definitely not those Americans [and Canadians] whose jobs and manufacturing has already disappeared? Be sure and ask yourself... 'security' for WHOM once they erase our borders and eliminate our sovereignty? Be sure and ask yourself... "partnership: with WHOM and by WHOM?" Thus far it is a partnership between Mr. Harper, Mr. Bush and a handful of political elites in Mexico, in collusion with businesses and the banking community. Neither with the American people, or Canadian and/or their duly elected representatives in the legislature.

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