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Canadian Swine Producers Focus on Building Stronger Alliances to Smooth Canada U
Date: Monday, October 31 2005

Canadian Swine Producers Focus on Building Stronger Alliances to Smooth Canada U.S. Trade Relations

Farmscape Article 1952-October 29, 2005

Canadian swine producers are making every effort to strengthen alliances with their U.S. based business partners in hopes that it will be American producers that will head off the next U.S. challenge to imported live Canadian swine.

Since April, when the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) ordered an end to preliminary antidumping duties on live Canadian swine, several cross border initiatives have been undertaken on both sides of the 48th parallel to strengthen trade relations but the tensions have not yet been entirely erased.

Duties Based on Accusations of Illegal Canadian Subsidies and Dumping

The preliminary import duties were imposed by the U.S. Commerce Department (DOC) in October, 2004, and were the result of exhaustive countervail and antidumping duty investigations conducted by the DOC and ITC in response to complaints filed by the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC).

Although the DOC had dismissed the countervail investigation, having found no evidence of illegal subsidies, it had determined Canadian pigs were sold into the U.S. at prices below their cost of production and imposed a range of duties on the imports, including an “all others rate” which took in the majority of Canadian pigs shipped south.

The matter concluded with the ITC's final injury determination, in which it ruled the imported Canadian swine had not caused harm and did not threaten to cause harm to American producers and ordered the tariffs revoked and duties already collected refunded.

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