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Layton Not Smiling On This One!
Date: Friday, June 18 2004

So Layton isn't always Mr. Nice Guy, he has a line and the Conservatives Crossed it...maybe we have some hope he'll have the same line with the Corporate Agenda and Foreign Policy, including Trade Deals. Refreshing actually....

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Saturday, Jun 19, 2004

NDP's Layton angrily denies he'd work with Conservatives

REGINA (CP) - Jack Layton used harsh language Friday night to signal he would not prop up a Conservative minority government under Stephen Harper.

"We've gotta put an end to this bullshit right now," Layton said during a news conference. "The idea that we have said in any way that we are going to prop up Conservatives (is) something that was never said. I very strongly disagree with almost everything I see Mr. Harper claiming. Now, if he is saying he wants to clean up Parliament with some sort of ethical package, something along those lines, does that mean we are suddenly propping up a Conservative government? That is absolute bullshit."

Shaking and red-faced, Layton dropped his trademark smile and blamed press reports for twisting his words earlier in the day to suggest he might work with Conservatives.

"I am extremely upset that someone would be trying to portray the position we would offer with scurrilous headlines," he said. "I am always very direct and fair in answering questions.

"We are saying very simply Conservatives do not deserve to be forming a government here. We are working to defeat Conservatives from one end of this country to the other."

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