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Who are the War Criminals?
Date: Saturday, November 11 2006

Who are the War Criminals?
by Felicity Arbuthnot.

Global Research, November 10, 2006

Fate certainly deals a strange hand. President Bush Jr., commented on the conviction of President Saddam Hussein, for crimes against humanity, in Waco, Texas, site of the massacre of the Branch Davidian religious group, in April 1993, by the U.S. Army, FBI and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

Under President Clinton's watch, they laid siege to the building from February to April, subjecting those inside to continual sleep deprivation by playing deafening music and even continual screams of rabbits being slaughtered. Finally, surrounded by tanks, massive amounts of CS gas were sprayed in, then military pyrotechnic devices. Between seventy four and a hundred burned to death, including twelve between one and four years old. The building was then razed to the ground, allegedly to destroy the evidence.

From the town where this horror was perpetrated by the US military and others on American soil, Bush junior remarked of the Iraq trial outcome - in an area where US massacres have replaced daily bread - that : ' Iraqians' (eh?) were now ruled by justice not terror. He should take an unaccompanied stroll round the streets of Baghdad, pop in unannounced to Abu Ghraib and view the torture chamber discovered under the now 'democratic' Ministry of the Interior, just for starters.

However, trying Presidents and their governments for crimes against humanity, should be even handed in 'democracies'. Here is an inadequate list, for the land of the Gettysburg address, where on 19th November 1863, Abraham Lincoln invoked human equality and saying of those who had died in the battle for 'liberation' :''Thus choosing to die resisting, rather than live submitting, they fled only from dishonor...'

As Commander in Chief, President Bush Senior, President Clinton and Bush Junior, are cloaked in dishonor by their political and military's actions. The proverbial buck stops with them. Aside from the often forgotten reasons for the Kuwait invasion of 1990, which had, arguably, some validity - Kuwait's slant drilling under the border, into Iraq's Rumaila oil fields; destabilization of Iraq's currency and encroachment of settlements three hundred kilometers into Iraqi territory - the then US Ambassador to Iraq, April Glaspie, specifically asked by Saddam Hussein on US views if all negotiation failed, replied : 'We have no view on Arab-Arab conflicts.' Saddam invaded, James Baker, then Secretary of State to George Bush Senior., - now declaring the Iraq invasion catastrophic disaster - vowed the US would 'reduce Iraq to a pre-industrial age.' The Pentagon admitted that US aircraft dropped the equivalent of seven point five Hiroshimas, intended to destroy the life support system of the country.


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