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CAP Leader Blasts Canadian and Mexican Governments for Fawning!
Date: Monday, January 16 2006


USA Homeland Security is Hounding Canadians with the Complicity of Our Canadian Government.
Canadians Risk Detention, Ruined Holidays, and Money Traveling Over US Airspace

Connie Fogal, Leader of the Canadian Action Party blasted the Canadian and Mexican governments for their treacherous fawning cooperation with the USA Homeland Security's interference with the freedom of movement of Canadians.

Connie Fogal said, "The unjustified paranoid security mania of the US regime attacking Canadian freedom must not be tolerated."

The family holiday of Canadian citizens was destroyed in early January 2006 when American Homeland Security detained Sami Kahil, a Lebanese-born Canadian citizen on landing in Mexico, and then barred him from flying home to Canada on a commercial flight, but never pressed any charges.

Fogal said Canadians must wake up to the regime change enslaving us in North America.

Kahil, a Toronto businessman who has lived in Canada for nearly two decades, is the latest Canadian to fall victim to apparent identity mistakes
made by American Homeland Security authorities in charge of a No Fly list to keep terrorism suspects out of U.S. air space. Previous
anomalies on the list have included a Canadian infant who was only a few months old.

Connie Fogal, Leader, said, "The Liberals, the Conservatives, the NDP and the Bloq Quebecois have hoisted the white flag . The hypocritical three who have raced across this country draped in the Canadian flag pretending Quebec sovereignty is the threat are a national disgrace. Harper's stated intention to post the military in all Canadian cities is true. He is more honest than Martin who is responsible for the current level of surrender to the USA without a whimper."

She continued,"The agenda of the Conservatives and the Liberals is the same- total surrender to a North American Union under US military control directed by the most powerful corporations of North America who have allegiance to nothing but their own greed. Read The Security and Prosperity Initiative report of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives as well as the Security and Prosperity Partnership Agreement signed in MArch 2005 by Martin, Bush and Fox. See them on "

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