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The Future Is Made In China
Date: Monday, November 13 2006

Published on Sunday, November 12, 2006 by the Toronto Sun / Canada

by Eric Margolis

While American voters were finally giving President George Bush and his southern-fried Republican Party a richly-deserved, long-overdue drubbing last week, I was off in China observing a nation that, while rigidly authoritarian, is at least governed by capable, intelligent people rather than the bungling politicians and crackpot ideologues that have run America onto the rocks.

Here in Beijing for my umpteenth visit since 1975, I’ve seen the future, and it still says “made in China.”

This gigantic metropolis of 25 million seemed destined to become the world’s new capital city — provided China’s economy, still surging at over 10% per annum, remains strong, and political stability continues. Beijing’s massive new skyscrapers, huge government blocks, broad, traffic-clogged avenues and miasma of smog and dust give it the look of an imperial capital in a science fiction film.

Last week Beijing staged a grandiose summit for 48 African leaders who received $10 billion in aid from China’s new leader, President Hu Jintao.

Energy-voracious China now gets 30% of its oil from Africa. Angola just passed Saudi Arabia as China’s leading oil supplier. China is bent on securing the lion’s share of Africa’s supplies of oil and other strategic resources. China-Africa trade has surged 30% to $50 billion in 2003.

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