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Favourite free-trade quotes
Date: Wednesday, December 31 2003

I got some books from the library for the holidays here:

& I found the 'piece de resistance' of free-trade quotes. But first, here are some of my favourites, & add your favourites too.

"We have achieved a major liberalization of the investment climate and imbedded it permanently so that in the future Canada's investment policies cannot retrogress to the old policies of the FIRA and NEP... The vast bulk of US direct investment in Canada now will go forward with no Canadian government interference whatsoever.

There is broad agreement to assure the freest possible bilateral trade in energy, including nondiscriminatory access for the US to Canadian energy supplies... Essentially, in the text we got everything we wanted." - confidential memo from US trade rep Clayton Yeutter to Treasury Secretary James Baker III

"The geographic restructuring implied by continentalism has meant that Canada has relied increasingly on investment by US-based multinationals for manufacturing infrastructure and overall economic dynamism. Multinational manufacturers, however, disporportionately locate in the 'golden horseshoe', close to the American manufacturing core. As early as 1960, 70 percent of American subsidiaries were located in southern Ontario, and this concentration has led to the economic marginalization of formerly vital regions. It has also produced regional strains that have been particularily evident in Quebec and the west.
In consolidating Toronto as the overwhelming Canadian metropolis, and peripheralizing the once predominant Montreal economy, continentalism has seriously weakened Quebec in Confederation. The consequences have included increasing determination on the part of Quebec governments to ensure economic vitality in Quebec, not to mention separatist agitation in the province. In fact, Quebec nationalism during the 1960s & 70s was far more the result of business departures to Toronto than the cause of this trend, as is popularily believed. Similarily, economic concentration in southern Ontario has strengthened the western view the the federal level is ineffectual, if not downright discriminatory towards the west..." - Mary Beth Montcalm, prof of political studies @ U of Manitoba at the time

"While not initiating continental integtration, the free-trade agreement constitutes a further stage in this process and will worsen many of the problems already posed by the political & economic balkanization it has spurred... Yet continental integration is now so overwhelming that Canada's extraction from this context, and the loss of political and economic cohesion and sovereignty it implies, will not be easy. Only a concerted political will to challenge market forces through greater economic regulation and planning, and a determination to preserve distinctive Canadian values, could support the scope of the task at hand. Nevertheless, the long-term existence of Canada depends precisely on this kind of determination." - Mary Beth Montcalm again

Now the ultimate!

"Sometimes we laughed among ourselves that we were the ones protecting Canada from its own negotiating team's attempts to integrate the two economies far more than most people realised." - an unnamed member of the American negotiating team, 1988

HAHAHAHA! The Americans, of all people, thought THEY were looking out for US!

There are many others, post your favourites!

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