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Your Tax Dollars In Action
Date: Sunday, January 07 2007


In my lengthy series of reports and essays on Bush's inhuman use of depleted uranium/non-depleted uranium, this will probably be the last one I will write on the catastrophic DU/NDU effects on the unborn children in Afghanistan.

My efforts to penetrate the mindset of the so-called silent majority have been met with stunning indifference by the American public to date. Most seem to want to avert their eyes when confronted with the results of the sub-human behavior of the Bush Neocon regime.

It seems logical that the majority of Americans who opposed the invasion and Bush's genocide in Afghanistan would result in at least a token amount of support for humanitarian efforts there. Logic further suggests that when an audience is sympathetic to a topic, it is not unreasonable to hope for at least a modest showing of support...especially because all involved hold generally similar views about DU death and birth tragedies. Unfortunately, for the people of Afghanistan, the 'silent' majority of Americans are truly 'silent' in every way.

Many good people have contacted me but could only offere moral support since that is all they have. And those honest people are decent examples of humanity. However, it is still hoped that those who can afford to make a contribution to the people and the nation the US government has been slaughtering, will step forward and purchase my book ... even it they immediately donate it to their public, school, or university library.

As to the rest of the good American people, I could not say anything that would change your mind if you have already made up your mind. However, it is vital to realize that whether you have control over your tax dollars or not, your tax dollars have created the perpetual genocide in Afghanistan and in Iraq. To that end, and with hope, I'll let the following photographs speak to your conscience...

caution, disturbing photos at rense.
Your Tax Dollars In Action
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