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“These craftsmen do not intend any nationhood!” CAP Press Release
Date: Sunday, November 26 2006



“These craftsmen do not intend any nationhood!”

Canadian Action Party Leader, Connie Fogal, today said that the recognition by Parliament of Quebec as a nation within Canada is one giant step toward the death of nationhood for all Canadians.

“It is the formalization,” she said, “of the Balkanization of Canada on the way to perfecting the North American Union. The craftsmen are bent on destroying sovereignty and nationhood for all citizens. This is the saga the media refuses to profile and Parliament refuses to acknowledge as both dance the jig to 'Yankee Doodle Dandy.'”

“It is a shameful, disgraceful exploitation of a Canadian issue as a cover, a mask, to deliver us over to an unconstitutional shadow rule by military /industrial panels, not government of the people, by the people, for the people,” she insisted.

“It is the arrogant ‘finger’ to the majority of Canadians who time and again have rejected the notion of les deux nations,” she said.

“It is the now characteristic deception of a Parliament that has become not just irrelevant for Canadians, but harmful to our interests as it slobbers over and submits to the dictates of Harper’s/Ignatieff’s Competitiveness Council, alias the Canadian Council of Chief Executives who in turn are dissolving Canada into a North American Metamorphosis under US command,” she continued.

“Why,” she questions, “will Gilles Duceppe not ask for all Canadians what this is going to mean for the tax return, the standard of living, the health care, the education, the water supply, the culture, the passports, the immigration rules, the laws, the defence, the foreign policy, the jobs,and most importantly the inevitable and intended expanded burden of debt?”

“Quebec as a nation within a nation, but with no powers, is the first formalization of Canadian disintegration,” she asserted.

“The only way to save ourselves is to take control over Parliament with people committed to return the power to the electorate,” insisted Fogal. “This unanimous move to semantic nationhood for Quebec means the shadow government has hastened the pace because they know people are catching on. It is scrambling to deflect the truth movement!”


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