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Softwood Lumber "Give-and-Take"
Date: Monday, January 30 2006

This is a response I received from a friend to whom I sent my piece about the US Ambassador's phony "tiff" with Harper:

Re: David Wilkins' "tiff" with Harper

Interesting too that Harper will soon be going to Washington to "negotiate" a deal to end the softwood lumber dispute with the Americans - the one that Canada already won outright in numerous NAFTA tribunal rulings and at the WTO.

Now instead of what the NAFTA tribunals and the WTO have already ruled in Canada's favour, Harper will "negotiate" a deal that's acceptable to the Americans.

So much for the Tories and their bogus, bullshit, "Stand Up For Canada" election campiagn slogan!


P.S. Maybe with Harper in charge, in the Tory spirit of 'give and take - ie -we give while the U.S. takes - in return for giving the Americans everthing they want on
softwood lumber" Canada will give the U.S. unfetterd access to Canadian water, in return.

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