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Parkland Institute OpEd in Edmonton Journal, Oct 10
Date: Thursday, October 13 2005

I'm surprised but glad this got into the CanWest-owned Edmonton Journal. A much better vision for Alberta's future than an immediate gratification of $400 and an excellent exposť of just how Albertans' energy wealth is being squandered by Klein and the Tories.

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Below is a new op-ed piece written by Gordon Laxer, Parkland's Director and co-founder, in response to the Alberta government's $400 prosperity bonus. It appeared in yesterday's Edmonton Journal, and serves as a good warm-up piece for Parkland's fall conference, "The Alberta We Want: In Canada and the World" from November 18-20 at the University of Alberta. For more details on the conference visit

Some much better ways to use Klein's $1.4B giveaway
We could banish poverty, and give children top quality daycare. Now that's a legacy.

October 10, 2005

by Gordon Laxer

Giving out $400 prosperity cheques to each resident is a foolish squandering of Alberta's heritage.

Higher royalties are not like winning the lottery. They are supposed to be paid by petroleum corporations to the provincial government for using up Alberta's natural capital -- the energy heritage that belongs to every Albertan.

For each dollar's worth of non-renewable resource used up, the corporations should pay the owners, that is the public, one dollar as a money equivalency.

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