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Ottawa reaches 10M settlement with Arar
Date: Friday, January 26 2007

Ottawa has reached a $10-million settlement with Maher Arar over Canada's role in a U.S. decision to deport him to Syria, where he was jailed and tortured, CBC News has learned.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is scheduled to make the settlement announcement on Friday afternoon, when he will also issue a formal apology to Arar on behalf of Canadians. CBC has learned the government will also pick up Arar's legal fees.

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I have to point out that the people responsible are not paying a dime for their crimes, instead it is you and me who had nothing at all to do with this mess that are being forced to pay for it. Arar should get compensation, but it should come out of the pockets of the criminals who are responsible. Furthermore, it angers me to no end that Harper is expected to apologize on behalf of Canadians who had nothing what-so-ever to do with what happened to Arar! Arar was victimized, but this payout and apology business is only victimizing innocent Canadians. I don't want to see insulting apologies and forced payouts of tax money on behalf of innocent people, instead I want to see the actual criminals responsible pay Arar out of their own pockets and go to prison for their crimes. - RG

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