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Tar Sands poisoning not just the water. Resistance:
Date: Tuesday, April 08 2008
Topic: Environment

From:               Sandra Finley <>

Subject:            Tar Sands poisoning not just the water.  Resistance:  another Chapter     of Water Keepers!

To:                 Sandra Finley <>

It is so wonderful the way people are mobilizing!

Congratulations to Harold Johnson (La Ronge SK) and his friends who

have established a Water Keepers group.

No membership fees, donations or administrative structure. 


-  Please join them. Get on the phone or email to your Member-of-


We badly need a full Royal Commission into the Tar Sands projects.

Harold is throwing himself fully into this, he writes:

Dear Friends:

A Saskatchewan chapter of Water Keepers formed on Saturday in Prince

Albert. We are a coalition of Aboriginal Peoples, Environmental

Groups and concerned citizens.

Our primary concern is the contamination emanating from the Tar Sands

Projects in Alberta. It flows up the Athabasca River all the way to

the Arctic and through acid rain it has now contaminated the

Churchill River system.

Saskatchewan Environment issued a State of the Water Report in 2007

that indicates that the Churchill is now "UNHEALTHY".

Please Join with Us in our demand for a full federal Royal Commission

into the tar sands projects.

Not only is there a huge contamination issue. The Tar Sands are now

rated as the largest environmental disaster on the planet.

There are also the questions concerning the duty to consult with

Aboriginal Peoples regarding the loss of habitat and its impact on

our traditional livelihoods. The contamination of the Athabasca River

has resulted in an explosion of rare cancers among Aboriginal Peoples

all along the water way primarily at Fort Chipewyan.

The Project affects the social and economic lives of almost every

Canadian. Fort Mc Murray draws skilled employees from every other

province. The economics of the Projects directly affects Canada's


The oil is sold primarily to the US. The biggest consumer of oil in

the US is its military. We oil the biggest military machine on earth.

Industry has called for a slow down in development. When Industry


"PLEASE STOP US." there must be something wrong.

Canada's delay of several years in imposing new Green House Gas

Regulations is a signal to the Industry to get the shovels in the


PLEASE pass along this request for support to all of your contacts.

Water is LIFE.

sincerely Harold Johnson


Email from:

Sandra Finley

Saskatoon  SK  S7N 0L1


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