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SPP Summit Shows Hypocrisy of NAFTA on Labour
Date: Wednesday, April 23 2008

Holding the [SPP] summit in a city where the shortcomings but also the hypocrisy of international trade are in plain view makes imperative the recognition that NAFTA has left winners and losers in all three countries.

From Letter: Another View of SPP Summit

President Bush chose New Orleans for hosting the fourth Security and Prosperity Partnership summit gathering of the U.S., Mexico and Canadian heads of states as a way to send a “signal about the city’s redevelopment since the hurricane.” Wrong signal.

Construction contractors used to say that in New Orleans the right spelling of the acronym FEMA, as for the national disaster relief agency, is “Find Every Mexican Available.” Stupid joke? Not so fast...

...Under the plainly wrong “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy of immigration, millions of undocumented workers of Mexican origin push the engine of the U.S. economy, but contrary to the fear of the giant “sucking sound.” A deafening whisper prevails: “We need your labor — at U.S. substandard contractual conditions, of course — for our citizens at those wages won’t take the jobs.”

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