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Israeli Media in full Propaganda Mode
Date: Friday, January 16 2009

Israeli media touts ficticious morality by claiming how much more the IDF could do to Gaza if it wanted.

 How to sell 'ethical warfare'

Claim moral superiority, intimidate enemies and crush dissent – Israel's media management is not just impressive, it's terrifying

          o Neve Gordon

          o, Friday 16 January 2009 20.30 GMT

One of my students was arrested yesterday and spent the night in a prison cell. R's offence was protesting the Israeli assault on Gaza. He joins over 700 other Israelis who have been detained since the beginning of Israel's ruthless war on Gaza: an estimated 230 of whom are still behind bars. Within the Israeli context, this strategy of quelling protest and stifling resistance is unprecedented, and it is quite disturbing that the international media has failed to comment on it.

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