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Date: Monday, July 13 2009

 The prospect of an ever-declining voter turnout is scaring the shit out of most of the elites that have managed to make a damn good living by becoming "career politicians".

THEY cannot grasp why voters have become cynical and disdainful toward their cozy little cliques and manufactured adversarial routines that are part and parcel of political parties.

Their adversarial "schtick", exhibited in provincial legislative assemblies and Parliament, is an offshoot of the little playlets many of these lawyers( now MP's) were involved in when they went through law school. The “adversarial thing” is for public consumption, primarily … much the same as the phoney hates and grudges the World Wrestling Federation uses to create interest for their “entertainment product”. The one exception is sociopath Stephen Harper … his six shooter ain’t carryin’ blanks whenever there’s a Liberal in his path. 


People, in general, love competitions, and the very smart people in political parties have developed this to a high level … with the help of skilled writers and reporters in the “media” who have made names for themselves ( and good bucks as well ) as political reporters and commentators. Politics is as big a sport as hockey in Canada.

And it has become probably the biggest growth industry in Nova Scotia, if not the world. It also contributes to the economy nationally and internationally by employing people who couldn’t make it with real jobs. Think of all of the news organizations like CNN, FOX News, CNBC and others that exist to report on political doings. In Canada we’ve had names like Don Newman and, of late, the Rubinesque Mike Duffy, whose sole purpose was to deliver political “news”. Mike Duffy, unfortunately, is the epitome of what’s wrong with “media” in our country. 


Duffy is a “Senator” now ( read : over paid parasite on the public tit) who once portrayed a newsman on the CONservative Television network and, who, in his latter years in that job, was so transparently pro-Harper CONservative that he was given his present appointment as a reward.

There are others as well : Pamela Wallin and Jim Munson immediately come to mind. In fact, the Senate is loaded with these greedy bastards who were smart enough to gain entrance to a very lucrative and elite club.

The Internet has been a contributing factor as well to the attitudes people hold toward today’s politicians. If democracy does exist anywhere, it’s the Internet … or has been.

Why else do you think there have been concerted efforts lately to chip away at the power of the Internet?


It is because politicians and political parties, over the past forty years, have been able to control all other forms of media ... by passing laws and manufacturing roadblocks that allow the consolidation of radio and television stations and newspapers into the hands of rich and powerful conglomerates who can be relied upon to be friendly to the factions who are the political parties.

So called “news”is controlled and public perceptions manipulated in ways that have become so subtle and insidious that everyone would do well to simply resist everything they see or hear on TV or radio.Or, at the very least, be suspicious and investigate for yourself.

It has just been announced that Canada’s networks, through the CRTC, a rubber-stamp organization, have been granted additional funding from cable providers who transmit their signals (without) compensation … and, in turn, cable providers will soon jack up rates to subscribers to offset their profit levels ... especially when cancellations hit them. These are the same cable rates that are considered already too high and provide very little value for the dollar. 


CBC, for example, is already getting your tax dollars to feed its existence. CBC Newsworld and CTV’s all news programs wouldn’t exist but for cable. So, what kind of bullshit is this? TAXES ON TAXES ON FEES ON TOP OF MORE TAXES.


This is simply another ploy, for the elite who run things, to pick your pockets.

If you support this, then make sure you run out and vote like lemmings at

the next election.



And, in the case of many potential voters, they have been doing just that.

In this instance, more power to the people … because YOU have no other power. Politicians, both current and former, as well as those in the media will all tell you your vote has power. TELL THEM TO PROVE IT.


NAFTA was never reversed. I’m sure you can think of other instances where a “new” government did nothing to get rid of unpopular legislation or taxes imposed by the people your vote got rid of ... after they have had years to do their damage.

No one should have to vote for a system that has cynically abandoned them and continually looks for ever increasing amounts of money to support itself. 


Detractors, usually those with the most to gain, will admonish me and tell me I have NO right to complain if I don’t vote.

I want to let them know here and now … I have “taxes” taken from me every time I turn around … so I have every right. 


Hamm and Mac Lellan and other “pro-vote” types have, again, tried to explain that those of us who don’t vote , “Don’t understand what’s going on.” Quite the contrary, the fact is WE know only too well what is going on … and how we got to this point … where we can no longer believe in, or support, through votes, a system that has become self-serving and continues to isolate itself from the very people it expects to supply it with its lifeblood MONEY.


So, for all of you politicians and party zealots, here’s some advice on how you can guarantee a further decline in voter turnouts.


Just make sure you never get back to a constituent who asks a question or wants resolution of a matter that’s important to THEM. (The truth is they don’t have any power.)

Make sure you never give a straight answer to a direct question and/or continue to hide behind your voice mail and office assistants. VOTE yourselves raises and perks that the rest of us have to find money to pay you … for nothing. (You may as well grab all you can … while you can.)

Continue to see that your expense accounts include expensive meals and fine wines … that WE get to pay for but never enjoy. ( See above.)

Continue to make decisions predicated on how you or your party, or a party contributor, can benefit.

Maintain SECRECY whenever possible … you never know what “them terrorists” might do.

Keep this up and, if we’re all lucky, eventual voter turnout will have declined to the point where your parties cannot qualify for the public funds they are given ( based on the number of votes they poll) and they will cease to exist. Won’t that be great?


There are lots of folks I know who would welcome that.

And for those who promote the idea of forced voting or fines ... fill your boots … then tell us all how “our” system differs from other “democracies” in Iran, the old Soviet Union, Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe and others who exercise the same mentality to legitimize their “governments”?

Removing the pretense will effectively show just how democratic it really is these days.


Before I go, I wanted to give one of the best examples I know that demonstrates where politics, especially in Nova Scotia, can be a lucrative growth industry … at least for one dynasty in the making. 


A good case in point: Geoffrey Regan, M.P. His daddy, Gerry, is a former provincial premier. I used the very Southern descriptive of “daddy” because politics in Nova Scotia puts Boss Hawg’s antics to shame. 


Anyways, Geoff has got to be haulin’ down close to 200 Grand, or better, as a “Liberal” Member of Parliament. Since this last election, Geoff’s wife, Kelly, got herself a new MLA’s position (first time out, imagine that) for the provincial Liberals. 


I don’t know what her “unique” qualifications are, other than being connected to the right people, but Kelly will be supplementing the family income with her salary and perks that’s also a couple of bucks shy of 200 Grand.


And you say the wife just got herself thirty hours a week at Wally World ?…. Shiiit !

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