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Date: Monday, October 05 2009

 The revelation that the recently resigned Bishop of Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Raymond Lahey, is an “alleged” node and purveyor of “kiddie porn” should, if nothing else, finally shock all those slavish adherents of the Roman Catholic Church into the reality of the human experience.


By the way, the surname “Lahey” has always been popularly pronounced “Lay – hee” for the majority of us, but, somewhere along the way, it has been perverted into the more lofty “Law – hee” … presumably, by the now defrocked “Bishop” to set himself on a higher plane. Most are familiar with that old saw about “the higher they are the greater they fall.” And this is one hell of a fall.

And so it should be.

 I am reminded, too, of that other old trite and truism about “just the tip of the iceberg” that will surely apply in the days ahead as more of the Roman Catholic Church’s duplicity and hypocrisy becomes revealed.

Raymond Lahey is not singular in his prurient interests. I can recall the story out of British Columbia in 2008, of a Family Court “judge” who intimidated a couple of young girls into having sex with him by exerting his mandated position of power and trust.


There are, unfortunately, thousands of similar stories in existence … many have been suppressed by media and governments for years in an effort to perpetuate the myth that those with power and position are above we lesser mortals.


The Roman Catholic Church is a past master at shuffling their deck of miscreants and social misfits who have buggered and diddled their way from parish to parish with the aid and abetment of church hierarchy.


I don’t want to be seen as singling this church (RC) out for such transgressions, but, it is the largest, richest (rich=power) and most ubiquitous organization in the world and, simply on the basis of the Law of Averages, it has attracted more misfits than the others … with the resulting consequences. That said, this is an organization that has run on intimidation and thrives on ignorance.



In Nova Scotia, the RC Church has long been a powerful force that still exerts to this day.


Adoption records in the province of Nova Scotia remain closed for no valid reasons … other than the influences exerted by the Church over those in authority.

One of the real reasons for maintaining secrecy are the salacious details of illegitimate births to noviciates … fathered by priests and semenarians (or, seminarians, if you wish) that would further embarrass an organization that would set itself apart from the likes of Jim Bakker’s PTL Club, Jim Jones or any of a myriad of trippers who like to exercise their power over others.


The revelations exposed by those details in adoption records, alone, would do much to further weaken this church in one of its few remaining strongholds.


The existence of God has never been conclusively proven. For those who do accept God, where is it written that one must belong to the Roman Catholic Church, or any organized “religion” in order to commune with the deity of your choice?


Interviews the CBC has had recently with people on the streets of Antigonish in reference to this latest unveiling involving a ( senior) member of the RC church have been interesting , if not amusing.


There are those Roman Catholics who have stated Raymond Lahey should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and summarily punished for his deviant interests (that fly in the face of this Church’s projection of piety) .

It’s amusing that some, in the same breath, will then state their continuing belief in this religion that must answer for its violent and hellish history. When it comes to total domination and mind control, the “Reverend” Sun Myung Moon doesn’t even come close to what the RC Church has been able to accomplish, evidently.


In fact, these pitiable, mindless supplicants to evil would do well to get their hands on a copy of the movie, “The Magdalene Sisters” that is based on the true events of what happened to young women in Ireland at the hands of this goddamned “religion”.

If there is no copy available in your area, you can search through GOOGLE to determine those sites where you can view this film on line.


Perhaps, then, everyone can better appreciate what it means to have been abused by the sickos and sadists that inhabit the RC Church. Further, you will then have a far better insight into how children were abused at the MountCashel Orphanage in Newfoundland.


Interesting, too, is the recent revelation that Raymond Lahey is an alumnus of Mount Cashel Orphanage ... and is said to have had a collection of child porn pictures and videotapes that he had flaunted in front of the young inmates who would later bring to light charges of sexual abuse.


Today, it has been revealed that authorities and investigators at that time, twenty years ago, simply ignored the allegations from those who were abused … making them complicit.


Having seen this movie and the accompanying documentary, I now know where the Nazis got their inspiration for running their “holiday camps” such as Auschwitz.


Like the condemned in the Nazi camps, these young women and children were worked to exhaustion while being humiliated and subjected to the worst degradation one human can perpetrate on another.


Those who didn’t escape through suicide, “a mortal sin” ( according to the cynical RC Church) have been scarred for life.


This “Bishop”, Raymond Lahey, had the unmitigated gall to expect parishioners to come up with the millions to pay the cash settlements granted to the victims of this Satanic organization that has been the recipient of billions over the years … from the likes of young women ( who were physically beaten ) working like dogs in a laundry for absolutely no wages ... while big chunks of that money went to glorify Rome.


It’s history that those Nazis who treated their victims with unspeakable inhumanity were hanged. No such punishment has ever been meted out to the (complicit) RC Church. WHY?


The “blind faith” ascribed to those fully indoctrinated who still love their “Mother church” is very much akin to those who similarly continue to support political parties in this country. At one time, especially in Quebec, the influence of the RC Church rivaled that of the political parties. Even though that level of power may have diminished, it hasn’t gone away entirely.


The metaphor here should be a lesson for all those who continue to allow themselves to be led by unworthy, incapable and unscrupulous people in religious organizations and political parties who have been given permission to THINK and DECIDE their futures.


The only power parishioners have over an errant church is to cease attending and offering financial support. Church attendance continues to decline. One can only hope the day will come when all of these religious sects finally die and are replaced by a kinder and gentler spirituality that is not sullied by diabolical extremists and opportunists.


Anyone reading this site regularly should have put it together by now that this same tactic is all you have left when dealing with non-responsive governments thrown together by political parties whose continued self serving existence equals that of the churches. Once again, people with power and position abusing it.

But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.


Matthew 19:14



Where does it say that little children should literally have to suffer at the hands of any sick bastard who claims to have the “power of God” in his hands? ( )

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