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Big Brother Gets Under Your Skin Redux
Date: Tuesday, October 06 2009

In 2005, Vive the Canada published one of my articles entitled: “Big Brother Gets Under Your Skin.” In that article archived on this site I described microchipping technology in 1997 when the ‘Digital Angel’ was developed by Verichip Corp. Since that time many animals and groups of people have been successfully implanted with microchips.

Think of microchips as senders and receivers of messages, just as your RFID chipped credit card or your passport, identify you and your personal information. Actually the new bank credit cards that are ‘chipped’ send out a constant signal, which can be picked up by chip readers at a distance of 20 feet. Today, when you enter some retail stores a reader at the entrance can pick up your information. The days of anonymity are over.

Here is how microchip technology has advanced since the days of the ‘Digital Angel.’

In 2007, Hitachi unveiled the smallest RFID chip ever, measuring .05 x .05 mm, which is also known as 50,000 nanometers. (hence the term, nanochip) These chips use passive RFID technology, which require an external scanner/reader to 'turn on' the chip so it can be read. You would need to walk through a device similar to a metal detector or have a device passed over your body to read these chips.

At a speech given by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer near Vienna, Austria in August 2009 a woman in the audience spoke up on the subject of the H1N1 flu vaccine.

This woman’s friend works for a pharmaceutical company in Vienna and told her that the swine flu injection needles indeed contain nano particles in their tip, which cannot be detected with the naked eye but are clearly visible with 12 times magnification.  The staff of the pharmaceutical company was advised that these nano particles work in the human body like a motherboard in a computer and lots of data can be stored on it.

So, now we can see the application for Hitachi’s miniaturized microchip, which is being inserted in the tip of hypodermic needles used for the H1N1 flu vaccine.

The following question, and one which most people have trouble comprehending is: Why would the pharmaceutical companies want to insert nanochips into their vaccines, and then into human bodies?

To understand the answer, you have to understand the agenda of the New World Order, and that things are not what they appear to be.

Nicholas Rockefeller admitted in an interview with a movie director, the late Aaron Russo, that the goal of the NWO was to reduce the population in an overcrowded world, and to microchip whoever was left standing. To take on this diabolical task, the plan seems to be to force people to take vaccinations, and insert a nanochip at the same time!

When you start connecting the dots, and you see that: the Canadian government is flying body bags to native communities in the north; 100,000 plastic coffins are currently stockpiled in Georgia; Massachusetts will be imprisoning people for 30 days who refuse to take the H1N1 flu vaccine; old military camps are being prepared to imprison 1,000’s of Americans for refusing vaccines, and huge FEMA buses are being noticed on American highways. This is only a partial list.

We live in an Alice in Wonderland world and are being lied to by our governments and by the corporations every day. We must start to get involved doing something, anything….that will let the controllers know they can’t get away with it.

One thing we can do right away is say  “NO” to the H1N1 flu vaccine.


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