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Revolution:The Coming Inevitability
Date: Tuesday, October 12 2010

Across nations of the West democratic structures are being undermined to provide greater ruling power for private corporations.  Attempts at reform are brutally repressed.  Growing instability and repression point to an inevitable future of ... armed revolution.

Revolution: The Coming Inevitability


The big picture concentrates the mind.  “Wise men think alike; fools seldom differ” as the saying is.  The outer edges of comment are saying the same thing –  the mainstream media goes nowhere near it.  Just as an example look at David DeGraw’s new book entitled: The Road Through 2012: Revolution Or World War lll … which I read part of … after writing what follows ….


The big picture concentrates the mind.  Mexico and Italy are almost ungovernable except as the playgrounds of increasingly legitimized gangsters.  In Honduras the U.S. has sponsored another military coup d’etat to prevent reform. In Italy the chief gangster is the Italian president who forces through legislation exempting his crimes from legal process.


The U.S.A. flounders and sinks in a quagmire of what is, in effect, massively disguised corporate crime. The (U.S. president) Clinton “team” threw off  FDR’s 1930s Depression guarantees of financial responsibility, precipitating what the French call the “Krach” of 2008.  No U.S. legislation has repaired that breach in the defence of democracy.  And so insane economy-wrecking, in and beyond the USA, is rachetting up instability which proceeds to repeated mantras extolling the “Free Market Economy”, and to the growing enrichment of a small, greedy, blind set of finance capitalists.


“Change the name”, a friend said to me, “from U.S.A. to G.S.A. – Goldman Sachs of America”, no longer the united states of….


The European Union, placed in the hands of major industrialists, financiers, and their agents, is wiping out significant democracy there.  The EU Nomes were defeated by popular vote (2005) in an attempt to pass a New European Constitution constructed for the benefit of private corporate capital.  To sidestep that major expression of popular will, the EU held, just a few years later, a meeting of “officials” in Lisbon, Portugal and signed (2007) a ‘constitutional treaty’ giving almost all that was intended in the defeated constitution to private corporate capital.  The gangsters of Europe forged ahead. 


One of their number declared in 1992 that the ’new Europe’ would be “a life insurance against socialism”. 


As James K. Galbraith [Texas University] writes, the solution to the government/private corporate move toward fascism in Europe is not complicated.  It requires, he writes, “a government concerned to control the banks, rather than to be controlled by them”.  [Le Monde diplomatique, June 2010, p.15]


He asks who can doubt that “the neoliberal architcture of Europe is on the road to collapse”?  In fact, he might frame the question in much larger terms. The disastrously radical grip, he writes, that corporate capital has on demands for budgetary punishment of populations in Europe must be replaced with radical policies to answer social needs – beginning with full employment.


That isn’t a lesson for Europe alone, very plainly.  The cry to “budget down” and punish populations is heard throughout the West – and equally in Canada.  New, huge Defence contracts (not publicly tendered), plans to expand prisons and the number of prisoners, increased (unlegislated) police powers, erasure of environmental demands upon private corporations, and lavish support for corporations (ie. G20 spending and the HST shifting of tax burden from corporations to populations) places Canada among the “fascist-leaning” governments.


Galbraith, moreover, needs to look at home, and to U.S. policies in South America.


In the countries of South America actively working to throw off IMF-Goldman Sachs-foreign private corporate domination, the U.S. is spending heavily to destroy the governments of Venezuela, Bolivia, and Ecuador as it has done by proxy in Honduras.  One of the U.S.-backed umbrella organizations involved has been constructed for ”the defence of democracy and the liberty of the American continent, menaced by the expansion of Castro-communism and its new version, socialism of the twenty-first century.”  The last phrase is a familiar one used by Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.  “UnoAmerica”, author of the statement of purpose quoted, is one of a number of the brain-children of U.S. policy.


A measure of success, moreover, is being achieved by the U.S.A.  Backing and financing separatist movements in all three countries, the U.S. is forcing governments of those countries to spend much-needed money to fight separation movements.


The U.S. has led in the other major breach of democratic structures and procedures.  That one threatens the environment itself – the ability of people to live from the earth – under any regime.  Little by little government oversight of the environment has been handed to the large, private, environment-exploiting corporations.  “Self-regulation” has become non-regulation.  A simple step in the private corporate takeover of government has been the lifting of any “impediment” to profit making.  When disasters happen, a huge share of clean-up costs must be born by the population through government expenditure of tax dollars.  Private corporations win if no catastrophe happens … and they win if catastrophe occurs.


Incidentally, the U.S. courts have increasingly ruled on behalf of the rightfulness of unregulated election campaign expenditures by private corporations.  The courts have done so by saying that to limit corporate spending would be to discriminate, to limit freedom of expression, and to create impediments to the full expression of democracy!


Catastrophes in the Gulf of Maxico (BP), on the Athabaska River (the Alberta tar sands), in Michigan (the Enbridge pipeline “spill”), in Hungary on the Danube River … pile one upon the other threatening natural life forms and ultimately human life and survival.  All, all can be marked down to the new rule by corporations of the very life processes of countries and populations.


“Oh”, say too many, “how lucky Canada is to escape all the moves to fascism elsewhere in the world!” 


Would it were so.


The Canadian government of Stephen Harper, I suggest, is marching in goose-step with the neo-fascist, private corporate/government alliances discussed.  Harper adds to that toxic mix his crackpot U.S. Christian fundamentalism that lives in “end of the world” prophecies. 


Erosion of Canadian democracy is so constant many cannot see the decay.  No aspiring federal candidate, just for instance, can gain candidacy without the approval of the leader (constituencies cannot choose their candidates!). All Canadian political leaders give evidence of being in the hands of private corporate interests.  And so no breakthrough group can rise in any of the major parties to effect change in policy and direction … by democratic means.


By ruling or by practice, the same condition exists in the provincial parties.  At the B.C., Whistler meeting of Mayors and Municipalities in October, for instance, an NDP MLA criticized the (abysmally bad) B.C. leadership and was … immediately expelled from the Party.  Democracy.  Freedom of Expression.


A process of repression was announced dramatically by police action at the Toronto G20 meetings in August.  Calculated, many believe, to announce new policy, the violation of Canadian freedoms was acted out in Brownshirt Nazi fashion – for all to see … and to learn from.


Major press and media cooperated fully, presenting police-staged violence and property damage as the work of black-clad anarchists – nowhere to be found later!


In Europe, through the whole, fraudulent attempt to foist a new constitution for Europe onto the people, the mainstream press and media worked – almost seamlessly – to support the private corporate/government sell-out of rights and freedoms.  Only in France (and then Holland) the tight-knit propaganda campaign was broken and the population informed enough to kill the New Constitution.


The “Mainstream Press and Media” in the West is not “in the pay of” the large private corporations and cooperating governments.  It is, rather, a part of that structure of anti-democratic sell-out. In what is known as the “private” press and media, ownership is now part of gigantic private corporate possession.  In “publicly owned” media the government/corporate alliance either rules openly or so threatens that, like Canada’s CBC, that media moves into trivia and a failure to report the most serious developments – apparently of its own Free Will.


Redemption from the fascist direction should come from democratic legislatures … which have been bought and muzzled.  Or it should come from ground-breaking press and media.  Except they are part of the fascist policy.  The courts?   As in all modern moves to corporate totalitarianism in living memory, the courts sell-out early.  They have done so all over the West – including Canada where they work hand-in-glove with governments to strip freedoms from the population.


What remains?  What remains cannot be urged by any sane person.  But any honest observer has to point out that unless a corner is turned – such as the one suggested by James Galbraith - the only option available to populations in the West is … revolution … armed revolution. 


To advocate armed revolution would be sheer madness … and gross irresponsibility.  To pretend it is not – as all indicators presently suggest – the inevitable future: that would be an act of equally gross irresponsibility.


Revolutions and revolutionaries – by very definition – cannot be foreseen clearly … or named in advance.  We must remember that Lenin was in Germany when the Russian Revolution of 1917 began.  According to Karl Marx and his followers, Russia was the last place revolution would take place.  Poor Lenin travelled in a sealed railway car at frantic speed across Europe so he could “lead” the Russian revolution which he did not foresee and – probably – would have preferred to have delayed.


In a leaky little second-hand boat (called, fittingly, Granma) in 1956, a group of what at the time would have been called “nutty adventurists bound to fail” set out from Mexico for Cuba, led by Fidel Castro – and the rest is history.  The impossible was attempted … and carried out successfully, to everyone’s surprise.


In a sense that is our one hope for the future.  The unpredictable.  Surprise.  All serious prediction in our world is for an increasingly totalitarian West in which populations are returned to near-feudal condition, wholly at the mercy of a small, wealthy class living luxuriously at the cost of an increasingly bestialized culture and population. 


Maybe there will be an overthrow of private corporate power in legislatures, and maybe bold legislation will follow to restore democratic powers and freedoms.  Maybe the mainstream press and media will become a knight in shining armour, fighting back the move to fascism, educating the public, forcing legislation, and proving the liberating power of the Fourth Estate.  Maybe the courts will turn a corner, writing decision after decision to return power to the democratic forces in society.


None of that can be predicted.  None of that is likely.  That means – as Edmund Burke wrote in his Reflections On The Revolution In France (1790) – the population is rightly and justly led to revolution when that is the only action available to it in order to throw off corruption, repression, and intolerable social conditions.




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