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SOPA, Canada style?
Date: Friday, June 15 2012

A number of SOPA-style anti-piracy amendments to Canadian laws have been introduced by the Canadian Intellectual Property lobby in its report to policymakers. If implemented, the proposals could reshape Canada’s IP policy altogether.

­Inspired by US anti-piracy efforts, the Canadian Intellectual Property Council has issued a report that outlines anti-piracy legislative priorities for the coming years. The 32-page document calls for the introduction of SOPA-style policies and the implementation of ACTA in Canada.

In the view of CIPC, blocking orders, domain seizure, and contributory liability are very “useful tools to encourage the cooperation of intermediaries who do not wish to be involved in the illicit activity.”

The proposed changes target thousands of intermediaries between content providers and consumers. CIPC calls for an introduction of amendments to ensure “the ability to obtain injunctions against third-party intermediaries.”

Another part of the report suggests significant changes to Canadian law in order to “keep up with international best practices” outlined in the notorious ACTA agreement.


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