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Costco shoppers annoyed by Canadian customers want
Date: Monday, September 03 2012

Residents of Bellingham, Washington want to establish "American-only" shopping hours at their local Costco so that they don't have to deal with rude Canadians crossing the border to shop.

Residents of the town of Bellingham, Washington, aren't happy with Canadians right now, and they've started a Facebook page to voice their displeasure.

Their complaints are simple: the influx of Canadians coming across the border to shop at the Costco is overwhelming. With the Canadian dollar stronger, and with low prices across the border, it turns out Canadians are flocking to Bellingham's Costco to fill up on gas and buy out all the inventory.


Bellingham's case isn't isolated. Previously struggling border towns have been experiencing a lot of growth since the Canadian dollar began performing well and Canadians started to head south for bargains.



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