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What Would You Barter For A Charter?
Date: Monday, September 30 2013

In Canada, we have our Charter Of Rights And Freedoms. Not a perfect document, of course, but I believe that without it, we here in Canada would be further down the road to tyranny. This notion forces me consider to the semantically manicured Quebec Charter Of Values.

Once again, the divide and conquer specialists are appealing to some of the lowest common denominators of emotion by instilling a charter of values upon Quebec society. I also see that many Canadians in the rest of Canada also support the so called secular clause which wants to restrict religious dress in public workplaces.

Please don't misunderstand me. When immigrants do come to Canada, I too, would rather see them want to become 'Canadian first' in their hearts. That is not to say that they should forget where they come from or forget the culture and traditions which nourished their souls. After all, I do vehemently, but not jingoistically, guard and defend my own Canadian culture.

And don't think that I am defending religion here, either. Those who know me well can see that I do believe in some kind of spirituality. I do believe in 'something else going on in the universe' but I can't bring myself to believe in any of the manmade religions out there which to me, offer no proof whatsoever of what they're trying to convey, although some pieces of wisdom do exist here and there in some religious texts.

What I am saying is this: if you want people to feel like they belong to our country, our society, then they must have the FREEDOM TO CHOOSE. Forcing people to dress a certain way only breeds resentment. This is nothing more than a trick to take us further down theTyranny Highway. Think about it. Secularism is about being accepting of things diverse and worldly. With this new Quebec charter, I don't see that. What are the tyrants going to try to force next? I mean, I may be grasping a little here, I don't know, but I often tell people that hockey is my religion. If I am a public employee in Quebec and I wear my Team Canada hockey sweater, would I be reprimanded for wearing religious garb? I'm just trying to point out how silly, and dangerous, this thing really is!

Freedom, education, prosperity, tolerance. This is how we achieve secularism. I believe immigrants, and people born here for that matter, will embrace Quebec and Canadian society more readily if we practice the concepts of freedom! Raison avant le passion! Whether you're born here or not, let people choose. I'll close by quoting another religion-wiccan,  that I don't practice, but can bring myself to find tidbits of wisdom in: " And if it harms no one, do what thou wilst."


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