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The USA Inc.-the fall of a giant
Date: Sunday, January 07 2007

January 6, 2007 at 03:59:10

The USA Inc.-the fall of a giant

by Liza Persson

The USA Inc Rouge Giant is slowing down on its rampage. Although not out of kindness or mercy, and neither out of a better functioning democracy allowing for the American people to gain insight and control over what is done in their name and with their money and to be blamed on them.

The truth is that the Most Powerful Puppet to Play - USA as a nation of human, political, monetary and military capital to be used and abused - is being cornered.
The naked emperor will be stripped out of the illusion of clothes, the elephant will be reined in.

Sadly, the puppet masters who drove USA from a nation of respect and prosperity to a nation of poverty, crime, flawed democracy, social defragmentation and rapidly declining international influence and status - they will squeeze the last out of their puppet and then throw it to the scavengers as they set off to either early retirement or head for another, more viable and unexploited puppet.

The Puppet Masters
Who are then these Puppet Masters? Can they be rounded up and held responsible?
Instead of describing a group and then go on to the means by which it supposedly would rule the great movements on the world arena - risking the label of conspiracy theorist with all its connotations - I will start by first defining what such a group would need in terms of channels of influence and what interest the members would have to share in order to make such a group both possible as well as an asset to the members.

The common interest of the members would have to be the increase and consolidation of power - as in the ability to make others act in ways desirable. Why the members seek this increase in power is left to each individual to know - some say it is fundamentally a derivate of the human need for security in the struggle for survival encoded into the human psyche and behavior and although it manifests itself differently it is something all human beings seek. Different times and circumstances offers different ways of obtaining and wielding power. In todays world the main ways of influencing people's behavior is through information, money and use or threat of use of force. The objective is the same, however - to make others find it in their interest to act in a way I want them to.
And the proposed Puppet Masters would have to share the interest in making people act in such ways as to facilitate the increased power of these Masters.

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