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What do Canadians want ?
Date: Wednesday, December 03 2003

Canadians I talk to want the following: A living wage; a roof over their heads; enough money to put food on the table; a little extra to send the kids to school and college; a little extra to pay for their retirement at a level consistent with their lifestyle; a little extra to provide for their children and grandchildren.

Is this unreasonable ?? We live in a country that allowed this in the past, but I fear for the future.

American values don't take anything but corporate bottom line into the equation.

That is totally unacceptable in what I consider a socialist/democratic country.

Outright uncontrolled Capitalism is detrimental to every society. It keeps the poor, very poor. It lines the pockets of the wealthy. The wealthy don't like to share.

There will come a day when the wealthy would wish that they had not hoarded the money they have, and they will lose big time. Imagine a person who has never worked a day in their life, having to work serving tables or typing letters, answering to an employer who, perchance, used to work for them.

I delight in this picture. I have said before, I DETEST the Idle Rich.

Bring on an Inheritance tax, of perhaps 50%. That will take the money away from stupidity. I have to qualify this by saying that this money must be directed to social programs only.

That is the only way the Politicians should be able to use this extra money.

Remember, the best countries in the world that have the lowest poverty rate are the countries that have the highest tax rate.

Somehow, that makes sence. The Global community, and especially the Corporations don't like this picture at all, because it cuts into their bottom line.

I have said in the past, PRFT is a four letter word, and I now have another: CORP.

Corporate power has brought us to the brink of insanity, and if one simply compares CEO salaries, then it is quite clear that we have to do something.


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