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The End Game of Globalization
Date: Saturday, October 08 2005

Asia Times has a lot of good reading.Found 2 items I thought might be of interest.

The beginning of the Iraq war led to unusual frankness in describing the goals and methods of American foreign policy. It was stated that Americans might well disregard international law and preach Hobbesian "realpolitik", in which right is defined by strength.

Some of the articles published just before or during the war could well have been published in Nazi propaganda publications. The difference is that these Iraq war articles stated that, while force should be applied in foreign policy, democracy should be preserved at home.

There was also unbounded optimism that, facing American military might, the enemy's resistance would soon crumble. But

the war is going badly and this has started to change, as an increasing number of publications provide a variety of explanations for why things went wrong.

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