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Ontario Man Get Alberta Prosperity Cheque
Date: Thursday, February 02 2006
Topic: Canadian News

Maybe someone in the Alberta Finance department has a sense of humour and exactly how big a laugh they're going for? 4Canada

Toronto Star
Feb. 2, 2006. 12:03 AM

BRANTFORD, Ont. (CP) Thanks, Ralph!

Brian Clegg said he couldn't believe his good fortune Wednesday when he opened an envelope at his home and pulled out a $400 Alberta prosperity cheque with his name and address on it.

"I opened it up and I looked and it is a cheque for the amount of $400 and I said, `Whoa'!" Clegg said, chuckling.

"I was shocked. I said, `What is going on here? I'm in Ontario and this is an Alberta cheque.' Thank you very much."

The Alberta government started mailing out millions of the $400 cheques last week to every man, woman and child in Alberta.

Dubbed Ralphbucks after Premier Ralph Klein, the $1.4 billion is Albertans' share of the revenue the province has been raking in from record-high oil and natural gas prices.

To qualify for a cheque, people are supposed to be an Alberta resident and have filed a tax return in the province last year.

Ryan Cromb, a spokesman for Alberta Finance, said he couldn't verify Clegg's claim as he had just found out about it.

He said that since Revenue Canada had been enlisted to identify the people that should be getting cheques, he said the agency would likely be reviewing their files.

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