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Suicide bomber kills 42 soldiers in Pakistan
Date: Thursday, November 09 2006

8 November 2006

ISLAMABAD - A suicide bomber killed 42 Pakistani soldiers at an army training ground on Wednesday in an attack the military said was linked to a bloody army assault on a militant camp last week.

The blast, the most serious militant attack on the Pakistani military since it joined the U.S.-led war on terrorism, took place in the town of Dargai, in North West Frontier Province.

It came nine days after security forces attacked a madrasa, or religious school, in a nearby tribal area, killing 80 people, the biggest number of suspected militants killed in an assault.

‘The bomber wrapped a chadar (cloak) around his body and came running into the training area and exploded himself where recruits had gathered for training,’ a military official said.

The death toll rose to 42 after several wounded men died, said military spokesman Major-General Shaukat Sultan.

Pakistan, a major US ally, has been battling militants in its northwest over the past few years. Hundreds of militants and members of the security forces have been killed.

A prominent journalist in the area, Rahimullah Yusufzai, said he got a call from a man saying ‘Pakistani Taleban’ carried out the attack in revenge for the Oct. 30 raid on the madrasa.

The caller did not identify himself but said the bomber had taped a statement that would soon be released, Yusufzai said.

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