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Grass Roots US Resistance to Bribed and Corrupt Judges - "JAIL for Judges&q
Date: Saturday, January 07 2006

Ballot Initiative is Major Populist Effort to Save US Democracy

by Dr Les Sachs

Something very powerful is rumbling into view as a grass-roots movement in the United States of America, a true people's campaign which has the potential to revolutionize life in that troubled country.

It is the wonderfully-named "JAIL for Judges" national movement, now taking concrete form and poised for success as a referendum in South Dakota in 2006, after winning a 2005 victory to be placed on the ballot in that state's upcoming election. With humble citizens assembling across the country in support, JAIL for Judges may start sweeping the nation after winning a victory in South Dakota this year.

J.A.I.L. stands for "Judicial Accountability Initiative Law", and it really is partly about sending corrupt judges to jail, or to face other sanctions, for the crimes they commit upon everyday people. The JAIL legislation is simple, and in the best tradition of American radicalism: JAIL would institute populist citizens' grand juries, to begin proceedings against corrupt judges.

Under JAIL, these citizen-run grand juries would bypass the corrupt US old-boy system of judges, prosecutors, lawyers, politicians and corporate media, who all scratch each other's backs and leave citizens without recourse against a rigged legal system.

As important as this proposed law is, however, it is also important to recognize that the JAIL movement is a true popular uprising in the US. It is a movement of everyday Americans with limited resources, rising up in a massive populist campaign against a legal system which they increasingly recognize is stacked against them.

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