Vive Le Canada

Date: Friday, February 03 2006

By Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman

A corporation commits a crime.

A federal prosecutor has the goods on the company.

But the prosecutor chooses not to convict the corporation.

Instead, the prosecutor befriends the attorney for the corporation.

And together they turn on the individual executives.

This is the new pattern of corporate crime prosecutions.

Increasingly, corporations are getting a free pass from prosecutors who
don't want to do anything to harm the corporate entity.

In fact, today it is rare that a major corporation will be convicted of
a crime that it has committed.

Instead, the corporation will toss overboard a number of executives --
all in an effort to save the corporation from criminal sanction.

When asked why corporations shouldn't be convicted of crimes they
clearly committed, corporate defense attorneys come up with the same

Corporations are legal fictions.

Better to convict the individuals at the helm of the corporation and
save the corporation.

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