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Temp Workers For Timmies
Date: Thursday, November 16 2006

Rules eased for hiring foreign workers
“It doesn’t matter whether you’re in Camrose or Calgary, Edson or Edmonton, ‘Help Wanted’ signs are everywhere,” Solberg said “And you know, when it starts to affect our ability to go to Tim Horton’s and get a double-double, it ceases to be a laughing matter. It’s a serious issue.”

Well we know there is a labour crisis when our Immigration Minister Monte Solberg can't get a coffee at Tim Hortons cause its closed due to worker shortages. And of course he would never go to Starbucks cause that would make him a latte liberal. And the reason for many businesses closing is that they will not pay well or offer benefits. The result is that more folks are going into construction trades, thus shortages abound for low paying jobs.

And the reason we have a labour shortage, well its called lack of planning; The Labour Shortage Myth Instead of planning for labour needs the province has avoided doing anything with the word 'plan' in it. Alberta's Free Market In Labour

The result is the return of child labour in the province and now the use of temporary foreign workers both forms of 'cheap labour'.

And the result is more deaths in the construction industry which is benefiting from this boom and the use of underskilled labour. $345,000 fine a record-breaker

The most recent accident involved a 16 year old who should have been in school not working in a trench on a construction site. But the temptation to make big bucks in Alberta's construction boom economy is too great. And in a conservative hands off business province like Alberta, regulations and legislation around worker rights and health and safety are not only woefully inadequate, they are not enforced.

Relaxed Foreign Worker Rules Will Lead to More Abuse of System says AFL

"Streamlining" is Shorthand for "Letting Employers Do What They Want"


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