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Fresh air from the Pacific on the Gomery Inquiry
Date: Monday, October 03 2005

The Gomery inquiry will complete its countrywide roundtables on October the 20th here in Vancouver. It has however not identified yet the "experts" from lego-political, academia and media sectors that will participate. On the basis of the Moncton and Quebec selections made so far, Le Canard Réincarné has identified the following: 11 from lego-political sector, 7 from academia and 1 from the media???

There appears to be an important desequilibrium in the weighing of participants so far. Is the watchdog role from the media sector (public, private and NGO) fully understood in order to really seek improvements in accountability of the federal system and the needs of transparencies? What are these needs for transparencies in each different part of this sector so that it can adequately fulfill its role? Will there be adequate representation from the Vancouver NGO new medias such as The Tyee or Adbusters? Will there be representation from Vive during the Edmonton roundtable held one day earlier?

In addition, Le Canard Réincarné wishes to signal very little participation from the so-called protected minorities so far; do they not have a good understanding of the problem of accountability and transparency in our federal infrastructures in their role of the "coal mine canary"? Let's hope that the Gomery inquiry will fully benefit from the Pacific fresh air during its Vancouver visit.

Your humble servant,

Le Canard Réincarné

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