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Klein's Wealth ?
Date: Saturday, September 17 2005
Topic: Canadian News

You can't touch this...its all mine, mine, mine!
Submitters note: This story is all over the news, but I ask you--did the rest of Canada really wring their hands with glee?

Friday, Sep 16, 2005

No energy windfall for rest of Canada, says Klein

CALGARY (CP) - Alberta Premier Ralph Klein says the rest of Canada can forget about getting an extra slice of the province's energy windfall.

Klein dismissed a poll that suggested Canadians outside his oil-rich province want a share of the wealth being generated by soaring energy prices.

The situation is no different now than it was in the boom of 1980, he said.

"The rest of Canada was saying the same thing then: 'Give me, give me, give me,'" the premier said Friday. "Then the price of oil went down and the rest of Canada was wringing their hands in glee saying, 'You deserved it.' "

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