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Harper may be called to testify at Arar inquiry
Date: Thursday, June 24 2004

I'm glad someone was paying attention to Harper's statements about being *briefed* on the Arar case. If you're going to lie be prepared to be found out. I hope he has to go infront of the inquiry and admit he has a hot line for reserving "terrorists" to Syria on Ashcrofts private jet or he has to admit he was caught in his daydream state of being the President of the U.S. of A.

Canadian Press

Ottawa Stephen Harper might be called as a witness at the Maher Arar inquiry after the Conservative leader suggested, then later denied, he had received a secret briefing on the case.

Paul Cavalluzzo, counsel for the commission of inquiry into Mr. Arar's arrest and deportation to Syria, said Mr. Harper would be asked to testify if he can shed light on the Arar file.

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