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Conservative Candidate No Show for Ethnic Community Debate
Date: Tuesday, June 22 2004

How's that Conservative immigration policy work again?

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Monday, Jun 21, 2004

Conservative candidate fails to show for debate

CALGARY (CBC) - The Conservative party didn't send candidates to a debate hosted by the city's ethnic community, organizers say.

Eleven candidates running for five other parties including Liberals, NDP, Green, Marxist- Leninists and Communists attended the Sunday forum, designed to discuss issues of concern to new Canadians.

Organizer Dow Luu, with the Ethno-Cultural Council, said Conservative candidates turned down the invitation, saying they were going to be out of town or had scheduling conflicts.

The party offered to send a representative who wasn't a candidate, but Luu said the debate was for those running to hold office.



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