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Open Letter To Governing Liberal Party Of Canada
Date: Wednesday, April 13 2005
Topic: Canadian Activism

Paul Martin:

I refuse to use the term "Honourable" in this instance. "Honourable is as honourable does"; and few in Ottawa have demonstrated themselves worthy.

Obviously, we can't trust this government in power, and history indicates we should never have trusted previous PC or previous Liberal party governments.
A gullible electorate doesn't find out until too much later just how much we've been had by liars and thieves who would have us all believe what fine, honourable gentlemen they are. Nothing's ever proven but the system ain't kidding anyone. It is expected that those who are in office control the courts and the police, and manipulate the laws with high-priced lawyers that we, the people, ALL pay for with our "taxes."

Gomery is no exception. Sure, Gomery is working on our behalf and we will, at the end of the whole thing, not only see how much was stolen from us (the proverbial tip) but will have the added insult of being presented with the bill for Gomery and all of the lawyers who have made "government" and its con men a growth industry for this country and the legal profession.

Our vaunted RCMP has become/is a joke. This "police force" is not autonomous and is certainly not an entity unto itself. So when criminals within government steal from the people they are sworn to represent, and are, at the same time, controlling those judges, the courts and police forces . . . who, then, really protects the people from those "honorable" members of goverment who are unworthy of the monicker and appear to function without morals, conscience or humility? Where (and when)does the buck stop?

You, yourself, were conveniently "unaware," as I recall, that your former company, CSL, had received one hundred and sixty million of our tax dollars. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I have always laboured under the (apparently false) illusion that tax dollars are collected to finance this country's military, healthcare, and various other infrastructures required to operate this country and serve its citizens. I would like to know when and under whose watch things were construed and manipulated into a "welfare fund" for private businesses and corporations who don't share their profits with the people of this country and, in fact, take every opportunity to exercise their rights, long ago put into place by old political friends repaying contributors, I'm sure, that enable these organizations to exempt themselves from paying taxes in this country or, if absolutely unavoidable, only on a minimal basis.

The people of this country are sick and tired of being "used and abused" by this party system that has high-jacked governments at all levels. And you cynically refer to yourselves as a "democracy"? Switzerland gives every indication of being a real democracy and it sure as hell doesn't smell like Canada's government. Quite frankly, I hope this causes the people of this country to stop believing and trusting all political parties who continually run roughshod over taxpayers and either deny them true representation or simply ignore their wishes. Time and again the stories circulate of citizens attempting to contact their representatives who hide behind voice mail and secretarial staff, or who totally ignore by neglecting to return phone calls or correspondence.

You and your government are all about creating perceptions, while at the same time denying realities on a scale similar to the French throne that saw Marie Antoinette lose her head to rioting citizens who had had enough.

If, indeed, the people of this country are destined, because of malfeasance (in this instance, by those directly and indirectly affiliated to and associated with the Liberal Party) to a "government" under HARPER, then the social programs currently in place should be protected by the equivalent of a "pre-nuptial" agreement that would save Canadians from Harper's real LIBERTARIAN agenda which, I'm sure, calls for privatization of our health care and social security programs for starters. How do the people of Canada get such an agreement? Or should we all simply roll the dice with our eyes closed and live with whatever result accrues? The sleazy and superficial political game apparently authored by Liberals under your predecessor has certainly taken away whatever few options we may have had.

Harper will prove to be no better and, I suspect, he is quite prepared to sell out our nation as we have known it; and will do so, thanks to the exposure of the sponsorship scam.

"Sedition is the tradition" in Quebec, and it is high time the Bloc was taken down many pegs by a government with the balls to stand up to it when they continually threaten to leave this nation. I can sympathize with their stand as they feel their culture is threatened - much in the same way as I feel Canada is on the verge of being completely swallowed by the United States.

Personally, I'm fed up with the machinations and spin we've all been getting lately, and while I am no supporter of the current system, I would far sooner have a contrite Liberal minority than Harper and his collection of self-serving opportunists.

I am disgusted.

Thanks for nothing.

Wayne Coady
Cole Harbour N.S.

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