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9/11 Truth Is Dying Inside the Liberal and Progressive Movements While Exploding
Date: Friday, November 10 2006

by Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones

Thursday, November 9, 2006

The empty "victory" of the Democrats' sweep of Congress has injected an anesthetic of apathy into the body politic and slowed the momentum of the move to have those responsible for 9/11 and the ensuing mess in Iraq brought to justice. Many people have swallowed the fraud and the 9/11 truth movement is dying.

Free humans worldwide who have discovered the real truth about 9/11 will never stop until the military industrial complex mass-murderers who carried out the attacks are brought to justice. In major polls, the majority of Americans and the people of the world know that 9/11 was an inside job. State-sponsored terror is the fount of globalist power and must be shattered if humanity has any chance to be free in the future.

The explosive momentum of 9/11 truth for the moment is dimming, but like a fire that is dying, we must re-double our efforts and throw on even more fuel--that fuel is truth. And the ocean of lies poured out by the controlled-corporate media will never extinguish our flames.

We cannot go back to sleep while the Democratic leadership shares power with the psychopathic terrorists who carried out 9/11.

It took over forty years for 80% of the people to learn that the Kennedy assassination was a black-op; in less than five years, the majority of Americans have learned that 9/11 was the same.

Anyone who runs defense for the perpetrators of 9/11-- Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean or anyone who supports them in their cover-up-- are traitors. Think about it: George Bush and his controllers killed 3,000 Americans, launched an illegal war and then butchered the Bill of Rights. And we're all supposed to go back to sleep now because a bunch of seedy Democrats are in lip-locks, sharing power with Bush?

Wake up America. Both parties are bought and paid for by the same interest, and they are waging war against the people of the world.

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