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Date: Thursday, November 17 2005

"The U.S. industry claims Canadian softwood exports are subsidized, a claim the industry here denies." -

Ottawa close to announcing more than $1 billion in forestry aid

Sandra Cordon
Canadian Press

Thursday, November 17, 2005

OTTAWA -- Ottawa is close to releasing a wide-ranging forestry plan worth more than $1 billion, including hundreds of millions of dollars worth of help for the struggling softwood lumber industry.

The entire package, just approved by a high-level committee of the federal cabinet, is getting a final vetting by the prime minister's office before it's released early next week, sources said Wednesday.

About $400 million of the total package involves pledges of loan insurance to help struggling softwood producers ride out the long-running trade dispute with the United States.

That has already cost the industry more than $5 billion in crippling duties.

Officials in Ottawa say they've tried to construct a lumber industry aid package that can help hard-hit businesses and communities survive the trade fight but without setting off new U.S. claims of unfair aid.

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