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Call For Positive Reform - Letter to PM and All MP's
Date: Tuesday, October 25 2005

October 21, 2005

Dear Prime Minister and Members of Parliament:

The people of Canada are being tormented on a daily basis with media reports about government wrongdoing and pressure from the U.S. administration to create a militarized colony called CANADA. Privacy rights are being threatened. New Canadians, immigrants, refuges and non-citizens are faced with Security Certificates. The very people we ought to be embracing and offering solace, are instead being subjected to more terror.

During a conversation this morning with Justice Minister Cotler's office, regarding the proposed wireless eavesdropping legislation, it became clear that Canadians are not being represented by a democratic process. Canadians have the right to know what measures the government is willing to unleash on the public under the guise of fighting terror. How can Canadians participate in democracy when no information thus far has been provided regarding proposed 'no fly lists' for Canadians, or the eavesdropping amendments to our Security Act, and no public debate has ensued over the existing anti-terrorism laws?

Mr. Cotler's office representative explained that there was no public inquiry into the 'Anti-terrorism Act' because it was a matter of national security and an all party initiative. You'll have to excuse my suspicion regarding that statement. The statement that it was a matter of national security is debatable at best! What happened in the U.S. on Sept.11, has never been investigated thoroughly. To create legislation as a reaction to events based on unexplained events and hype is both irresponsible and undemocratic. To even consider implementing made in U.S. solutions to Canadian problems, is submissive posturing which serves only those who refuse to stand on guard for Canada.

Every political party currently sitting in the House today, as well as every individual politician, is perceived by the public at large as being self-serving, corporate- or union-driven, above the law, acting in secrecy and most important out of touch with the needs of Canadians. The new legislation that has promoted a country of fear only adds to the suspicions of law abiding Canadians. Anti-terrorism laws threaten civil liberties! Will no member of Parliament speak for the people?

The Canadian Action Party has been inundated with requests for assistance by Canadians who feel their elected members either can't or won't work for them. Is the Canadian Action Party the only political party that listens and responds to the overwhelming concerns of Canadians? We are unequivocally against the current trend towards creating a police state! Are we the only party aware enough to read the material, the legislation, the threat to all Canadians' food, water, air, soil, freedom and sovereign rights? Rather than perform media photo ops that reveal nothing of real plans and cause more terror under the guise of protecting Canadians and Canada, you owe Canadians truth.

If the bureaucracy is hindering members from acting on behalf of Canadians, remove the red-tape. If undue influence is the cause, stop the process. If lobbyists, corporate pressure, or threats from other nations are the obstacles to good responsible government then stand together against the threats! Canadians see your protective measures as liberty stripping measures. They see anti-terrorism laws as terrorizing them. They see your so called Smart Regulations, as foolish, and your Smart Border as a crafty attempt to hand over this country to the U.S. Recent civil liberties stripping legislation, the Sponsorship Scandal, the Airbus Affair, the Employment Boondoggle, the Gun Registry Cash Cow and more, have all contributed to the sense Canadians have about politicians. Rather than hold the office of MP or PM or Senator in high esteem as it should be, current actions by elected officials have reduced the position to distrust. Today, Canadians see politicians as spinners, media grandstanders, corrupt, suspicious, duplicitous. It has been said by many, that politicians are lower than serpents and sly as foxes.

You can continue to ignore the plight of the people and encourage their wrath or you can do something positive. You can use your anti-terrorism laws to stifle free speech, arrest and detain without cause, create no fly lists and secret spying on law abiding Canadians or you can turn away from such horrific emotional hysterical reactions now! Stop funding the war machine, the covert operations and start investigating the origins and the agenda of those who are pushing this new world ideology. Perhaps many of you don't need to investigate because you know the answers, but so do the Canadian people!

We at the Canadian Action Party encourage you to take responsible democratic action and return to governing this nation for the people's best interest. You can spin through the corporate driven media, but people know what is really happening in their daily lives. You can tell people they are safe, but if they don't feel safe, your speeches won't appease. You can tell people that the food requires additives, hormones and pesticides, and that pharmaceuticals are better for them than natural health products, but they know they are getting sicker under those rules.

The Canadian Action Party does not hold a seat in parliament yet, however that situation hopefully will be rectified after the next election. In the mean time we are listening to the Canadian people. We are taking their concerns seriously. We are investigating their reports. We are prepared to help Canadians take back their country. You are in a position to help Canadians. Are you going to continue to turn your backs on them?

Yours truly
Catherine Whelan Costen
Canadian Action Party Vice President and Communications Director

cc: Connie Fogal, Leader Canadian Action Party

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