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Supporting Democracy: Fact or Fiction?
Date: Monday, June 14 2004

[I thought this was the David Orchard we know. But it seems to be a Dave Orchard we don't know. His recent blog is interesting and I thought I would share it with you all.--Kevin]

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Dave Orchard Blog

June 13, 2004

Supporting Democracy: Fact or Fiction?

I've been doing some reading on Empires lately, more the British and American than the Star Wars kind, and I've been just amazed at how many lies get told and believed. One of the lies that I've heard a few times is the so-called supporting democracy lie.

As Canada decided not to participate in the Iraq war, we've taken a fair bit of heat from the US. They aren't sure of Canada as a friend because we're not helping them in Iraq. It's worth noting that Afghanistan is the biggest Canadian troop deployment since the Korean War. But no, helping out in the country where the 9/11 terrorists did their scheming isn't enough. But the lieing and hypocracy is more blatant than even that.

Let's look at the publicly stated reasons why the US and the coalition of the willing went into Iraq:

1. Weapons of Mass Destruction

2. Bad guy killing his own people

3. Promote Democracy

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