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Israel Lies Cost Lebanese Lives
Date: Tuesday, November 14 2006

Well the truth comes out. Israel was to blame for the loss of its soldiers, which set off this summers war on Lebanon. It was all a pretext to invade and destroy their neighbour who is in economic competition with them.

Of course it was also a benefit to the US which wanted Israel to show off its military strength in the region as a warning to Iran.

The result was thousands of civilian lives lost in Lebanon, the destruction of the Lebanese infrastructure. A war crime by any other name.

But it also showed that Israels military might was not up to the task of taking on a locally based resistance movement. Something the US has failed to learn as well in Iraq and Afghanistan.

And Israel still does not have its captured soldiers. Which was the pretext for the war in the first place.

Israeli army blamed for for Hezbollah capture of soldiers

"A panel investigating the capture of two Israeli soldiers by Hezbollah on July 12 this year, has blamed the Israeli military. Investigators concluded the Israeli military ignored intelligence warnings that Hezbollah would attempt to abduct soldiers, and that there would be a major escalation on the Israel-Lebanon border in 2006. They also found the military was lax in protecting the border. The patrol that was ambushed by Hezbollah acted 'almost as though it was going on a hike,' investigators said.

The July 12 abduction led to a month-long war which resulted in the deaths of 1,500 people, mostly Lebanese civilians, severely damaged Lebanese civilian infrastructure, displaced about 900,000 Lebanese and 300,000 Israelis, and disrupted normal life across all of Lebanon and northern Israel."


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